"Hot off the Press" from Hammonds Homeroom

I bet you can think of a ton of great things to do this summer. Hopefully, you will be able to have lots of fun with your family and friends. List your top ten fun ideas!

Here are mine:
  1. Family Vacation to Gatlinburg or Destin
  2. Chill at the pool with Alyssa
  3. Read a good book (Some of you better put this one!)
  4. Shop all day in Nashville
  5. Go hiking at Mammoth Cave or Cumberland Falls
  6. Check out a new restaurant
  7. Have a big cook-out and get together with the whole family
  8. Enjoy 4th of July fireworks!
  9. Go fishing (Don't love this, but the guys in my family do!)
  10. Chill at the pool with Alyssa, and a good book! (Yes, I will do this more than once!) Good times are worth repeating, and so are good books.